Soulful Healing

Discovering Purpose and Meaning in the Midst of Grief

Video by Prakash Chaubey
Unhealed sorrows may sneak up on you in unexpected ways.

Do these feelings resonate with you?

Patricia Jones and John Moir, Shamanic practitioners and workshop leaders.

We understand the hardships of navigating grief, as we have traveled our own journey with it. We will share our experiences and the ways in which shamanic wisdom has guided us in reaching a new level of understanding, joy, and beauty in the face of loss.

Start your soulful journey of healing: Embark on a road to renewal and transformation through honouring your grief.

How we can help...


Embark on a journey of healing and understanding through soulful rituals and exercises, and gain insight into the many forms of grief you may be carrying.

Grief Circles

Nurture Your Soul in a Sacred Circle of Grief: Monthly Online Community for Healing, Empowerment, and Tending to Your Unspoken Pain


Book your own private, one-on-one shamanic healing sessions to restore your personal power and more.

You will benefit from...

Cultivating Reverence

Embark on a journey of reverence, where you nurture your soul and guide it back to a state of joy and wonder, supporting your transformative path.

Shared Witnessing

We understand that the power of community can aid in the healing of grief. Join us as we guide you in creating a sacred space for shared understanding and healing amongst one another.

Grief Resilience

From seemingly endless grief, rediscover your natural ability to overcome, grow and transform into a new way of being.  

Shamanic Wisdom

Embark on a shamanic journey of wisdom and discover the power of rituals, connecting with your spirit guides for guidance and protection, and learning to receive nature’s gifts of divination.

Free Introductory Guide to Soulful Grieving

Rediscovering the treasures hidden within your grief can be a daunting task without proper guidance. Let us support you on this soulful journey of healing and renewal.

Here’s what you’ll discover in Soulful Steps Through Grieving.

Why Honouring Your Grief Brings Wholeness to Your Heart
Nourishing Your Soul with the Gifts of Modern Day Shamanism
Introduction to the Transformative Journey of Spiritual Power
5 rituals to use in your home

Don't take our word for it-hear directly from some of our recent participants

“Patricia and John show up as teachers, as humans, and as beautiful spirits in this powerful workshop. They created a safe and sacred space for students to discover the bigger grief surrounding their losses.”


Dr. Amanda DeSio Whitehouse


“Spending the two days with you sharing your stages of loss was the Village needed to allow those of us there to fully grieve our sorrows. I saw transformation taking place during the two days of sharing, calling in spirits of our ancestors, the drumming and asking the question; “What is the Purpose, the meaning, and the lesson of my Grief?

Much gratitude to both of you.”


Peggy Swantz

Hamburg, NY

Each element had a unique benefit. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone dealing with grief on so many different levels. Eye opening, exciting and provides a new perspective on all living things.


Colleen Babcock

Alden, NY
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