Seaching for spiritual growth

Saturn: Catalyst for Spiritual Growth

Do you remember when you started to ask the big spiritual questions; the ones which kept you awake at night? For me spiritual growth began in the night light of Saturn. Back in the mid 80’s; or perhaps it was earlier on my first visit to the 🎞 David Dunlap observatory, my childhood friend and I had taken the northbound subway as far as it would go. From there we had to deposit additional tokens to take a bus further north on Yonge street to the Observatory road in Richmond Hill. From there we walked in the dark till we …

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Ancestral teachings and celebration

Ancestral Celebrations

I was an ancestral gift to my family on January 28, 1953. First borrowed breath: 9:13 am. As of now, 67 years ago, I have been supported by Spirit’s borrowed breath for 82 minutes. Now I’m listening to what I would call mindful music. I’m trying to touch some part of me that I could call epic. I’m still searching and now, I’m accounting for the feelings today has unleashed. I came to my mothers womb following a well worn path into this world. I have led a charmed life. I have been loved by my family, friends and …

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