Seaching for spiritual growth

Saturn: Catalyst for Spiritual Growth

Do you remember when you started to ask the big spiritual questions; the ones which kept you awake at night? For me spiritual growth began in the night light of Saturn. Back in the mid 80’s; or perhaps it was earlier on my first visit to the 🎞 David Dunlap observatory, my childhood friend and I had taken the northbound subway as far as it would go. From there we had to deposit additional tokens to take a bus further north on Yonge street to the Observatory road in Richmond Hill. From there we walked in the dark till we …

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Ancestral teachings and celebration

Ancestral Celebrations

I was an ancestral gift to my family on January 28, 1953. First borrowed breath: 9:13 am. As of now, 67 years ago, I have been supported by Spirit’s borrowed breath for 82 minutes. Now I’m listening to what I would call mindful music. I’m trying to touch some part of me that I could call epic. I’m still searching and now, I’m accounting for the feelings today has unleashed. I came to my mothers womb following a well worn path into this world. I have led a charmed life. I have been loved by my family, friends and …

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Shared Grief and Love

Adoption’s Shared Grief and Love

There was a time for many years when I questioned if I would ever hear a child call me mom. I now wonder, how is it that somehow through all of life’s twists and turns for all involved, I became the mother of two beautiful human beings born to other women? The privilege of being an adoptive parent is immeasurable. The privilege of being the mom of my two now young adult children can’t be overstated. Raising my children was like playing darts blindfolded with the self-imposed expectation of needing to hit the bulls eye with each and every …

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Returned to Earth’s Heartbeat

Grieving the Loss of My Mother and Uncle I have been trying to come to terms with this reality, now five years past and yet ever present in memory. She and her brother, my uncle, died suddenly in a highway automobile accident one December evening, and to this day we still do not clearly know what transpired exactly. The day after the accident, I collected my mother’s purse from the police officer who was at the scene. Small shards of windshield glass were wedged in the crevices. Held up to the setting sun, they caught the sunlight in a …

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