Cultivating Reverence

Have you ever stopped to breathe in the fresh snow covered wood and just listen.

Did you hear the fluttering wings of the sparrow. Did you feel the caress on your face by the crisp winter wind; Taste the fragrant pine; Glimpse glistening sunlight twinkling upon the white blanketed earth?

With stilled breath In the fresh snow covered wood, did you wonder - I have a place in the beauty of it all.

Patricia Jones

Beauty in all of its’ expressions has the ability to stop us in our tracks and take our breath away. The feeling of being awestruck by the majesty of a mountain, witnessing a sunset lighting up the west sky, the stillness of freshly laden snow, the gentle smile on an aged face filled with knowing, the spontaneous laughter of a child, a poem that causes our hearts to skip a beat, music that carries our soul to a distant place.

Being still, noticing moments that touch the soul and recognizing all the magic so much greater than us and the world in which we live will create a little space within yourself to view your sorrows from afar.

Cultivating reverence will help to soften and lead our souls back to a state of joy and wonder while taking our grief on a journey of transformation.

In all of our grief workshops, participants will:

  • Be offered experiences to foster the practice of cultivating reverence and create a little space between themselves and their sorrows
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