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Future Workshop Growth

We are cur­rent­ly search­ing for new loca­tions for our grief work­shops, aim­ing to broad­en their accessibility.

We’re active­ly reach­ing out to poten­tial spon­sors who share our belief in the pow­er of these work­shops to pro­found­ly help ten or more indi­vid­u­als in their com­mu­ni­ties who are deal­ing with grief.

Through col­lab­o­ra­tion with spon­sors, we aim to extend these invalu­able resources to a larg­er audi­ence, pro­mot­ing a sense of uni­ty and empa­thy in the face of grief.

By work­ing togeth­er, we can cre­ate a sig­nif­i­cant and pos­i­tive influ­ence in the lives of those going through the griev­ing process. If you can imag­ine a group of ten or more please reach out to us. 

🌼 Help us to bring grief healing into your community

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