Healing consent

Please read the consent for treatment (required)

I understand that shamanic treatment provided by either Patricia Jones or John Moir are spiritual in nature and as such are used as a complimentary aid to my physical and mental health. Shamanic treatments are in no way intended to take a place of a medical practitioner’s care. Information exchanged during any shamanic treatment session with Patricia or John is educational in nature and is to be used at my own discretion. I understand that Patricia Jones and John Moir do not diagnose or treat illnesses or injuries nor do they prescribe any medications. I am solely responsible for all aspects of my physical and mental health and for seeking medical advice and treatment whenever I feel it is necessary. Patricia Jones or John Moir shall not be held liable for any choices I make in this regard. I give permission for Patricia Jones or John Moir to provide whatever shamanic treatment(s) they feel are appropriate for me in this and in any future shamanic treatment sessions.

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