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Below are some of our methods to restore personal power, healing or divination and counciling

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Our shamanic sessions tend to run to 1- 1.25 hours in length. We work in concert with your compassionate helping spirits and ancestors to promote healing. Below are the most common healing modalities we are called upon to use.

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Power Animal Retrieval

  • The Shamanic worldview teaches that from birth and beyond one must possess power animals, animal spirit allies, for protection and teaching of their specific attributes to add power, vitality and wellness to the life of the individual. Each power animal carries with it wisdom of it’s specific nature to provide help with a specific issue or teach a specific lesson during a time in the individual’s life when it’s needed the most.  Shamanic Healing sessions as directed by spirit may include the retrieval of a specific power animal to help guide, protect and provide it’s unique wisdom for this time in your life or to stay with you for all time. 

Power Soul Retrieval

  • Soul portions, one’s essence or life force, have the ability to flee when faced with a physical or emotional trauma, scare or loss as a means to protect oneself from pain. Power soul retrieval helps to restore the person’s essence or life force energy when the soul portion is unable to return on its own.  A shamanic healing session may include power soul retrieval as directed by spirit to restore and enhance power to its rightful place. 

Extraction Healing

  • Shamanic Extraction serves to remove intrusions and misplaced energies in the body that does not belong and may cause pain and illness. This may come from stress, storing of emotions, past or present illness or injury.  A shamanic healing session may include extraction as directed by spirit to clear and provide space for balance, healing and restoration of power. 


  • Shamanic Divination is the ancient practice of asking for and receiving guidance from helping, compassionate spirit guides about a situation in the past, present or future.  A shamanic healing session as directed by spirit may include providing direction and guidance to  a question or situation you may be experiencing. 

Shamanic Drum Healing

  • Provides healing power of spirits through the sacred drum.

Ancestral Lineage Connection

  • Ancestral Lineage Connection involves joining with your deeply well ancestors to intentionally participate in your spiritual healing.  Shamanic healing sessions may provide information and messages from your ancestral line or helping spirits to support you on your journey. 

Psychopomp Care

  • Otherwise known as the leading of the souls, psychopomp work is helping to locate the soul of a loved one that has passed on yet has not found a way to cross over to it’s place in the other realm where it may rest, find healing, and be at peace. This compassionate, sacred work can provide great comfort and healing to those who are grieving the loss of a loved one.

Compassionate Depossession

  • We all have the capacity at times in our lives when our power and vitality is compromised to become a host to suffering beings or entities which then impacts our wellness in a variety of ways ranging in mild to severe implications. The possessing beings, due to their own misfortunes and compromised situations at the time of their deaths, may have refused or lost their way to the threshold in which to crossover. Compassionate Depossession is sacred, transformational work for the spirit while also healing the client, restoring power and balance.

Curse Unraveling

  • Intentional or unintentional harm can occur through use of curses, spells or powerful collectively held thoughts and may be passed on generationally, or self-imposed through past events or originating from past lives.  Curse and thought-form unraveling is work taken on in a shamanic session using a specific method to provide freedom from these entangled influences and allow healing to occur.

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