Shared Witnessing

I can’t think of anything more lonely than when I was suffering and feeling I’m invisible. Watching those who I love and care for; who sit beside me and I’m still not to be seen.

Being held by the soulful and the heart centered while we grieve, by those who come for the same reasons: to be deeply understood, accepted, and seen—really seen; this is what softens the hardened edges of our sorrows.

Many who carry shame and grief do not speak of the weight they carry in their hearts-children, adults and our elders. This shame and grief is waiting to be discovered. 

“Quiet people have stories, but not every mind is trained enough to hear them.”-Unknown.

We together will build community able to sit with other’s heartache, noticing with compassion what is left unsaid, understanding with empathy what is said, and in the stillness of others unspoken words, you will know that you are being safely cared for. And then it will be your turn to do the same.

We will find courage to allow one another to feel pain, talk and write about it, dance and move to it without shooing it away. We’ll learn to see and feel and touch our own sorrows, face them head on, and we’ll see our collective and individual strength brilliantly shining in the mix.

Shared Witnessing is a key component in our grief workshops as we learn to practice the sacred art of grief. In all of our grief workshops, participants will:

• Learn shared witnessing and the benefits of seeing and of being seen
• Experience the recognition of our collective and individual sorrows contained within a sacred circle
• Learn to hold sacred space for others
• Participate in grief rituals

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