To free beauty and soul from rock

Soul work

grief resilience

Rediscover your natural ability to overcome, grow and transform into a new way of being.  From seemingly endless grief, to building strength and resilience–we can show you how.

shared witnessing

We believe community plays a role in healing grief.  We will hold sacred space together honouring deep appreciation and privilege of supporting each other’s grief story. 

shamanic wisdom

Creating ritual, calling in our deeply well and compassionate ancestors and spirit guides for support and protection, receiving nature’s gifts of divination–we will use traditional healing methods to nurture transformation on a soul level.

cultivating reverence

We all hold deeply embedded soul memory in our ability to recognize beauty in all it’s forms while being in awe of its’ power to heal-we will provide a symphony of ways to help soothe the soul through cultivating reverence.


No prior shamanic knowledge or training is required.

Everyone has this ability, in fact you may have known this as a younger person and if not; we will teach you how.  If this remains difficult, we will work with you to find a way for you to get in touch with your sacred gift and the wisdom that has always embraced you. 

Shamanism is a way of life, recognizing that spirit exists in all things. This practice can help you build a closer relationship with your religious practice.

We recognize that grief does not end; it shifts and changes and with some work this will transform us into a new way of relating to the world, others and ourselves. Soulful Sorrows uses old traditional  healing methods to support the process of grief transformation so that you may live a good life with renewed purpose, while moving closer to your true self and maintaining a healthy connection to that which you have lost.

Although grief work is deeply personal, Soulful Sorrows believes that a community powerfully helps to transform our sorrows through shared witnessing.  Whoever attends will be tasked to look within to their own sorrows while also supporting others in the group.  You may come alone or bring others who are also ready to transform. 

Soulful Sorrows Grief Workshops or Shamanic Services do not take the place of psychotherapy, psychiatric or medical services and rather serve as a complement healing method to whatever you already have in your life that is supporting and helpful to you. So continue with what is already working! If you would like to start your healing journey with us prior to your scheduled workshop date, check out our online shamanic services page where you can register for a session anytime prior to or following your workshop. 

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