Looking at Grief’s Profound Impact on the Soul

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From Heartache to Hope: Unveiling the Powerful Connection Between Grief and Nature 

In the depths of sor­row, there is solace to be found in the arms of Nature. In our jour­ney from heartache to hope, the con­nec­tion between grief and Nature reveals its extra­or­di­nary pow­er. This arti­cle delves into how immers­ing our­selves in the nat­ur­al world can pro­vide immense heal­ing and reju­ve­na­tion dur­ing pro­found loss. Whether it’s the soft rus­tle of leaves in a for­est, the rhyth­mic crash­ing of waves on a shore, or the vibrant colours of a sun­rise, Nature has a way of sooth­ing our souls and remind­ing us of the beau­ty that still exists in the world. Sci­en­tif­ic research sup­ports this innate connection,

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Seaching for spiritual growth

Saturn: Catalyst for Spiritual Growth 

Do you remem­ber when you start­ed to ask the big spir­i­tu­al ques­tions; the ones which kept you awake at night? For me spir­i­tu­al growth began in the night light of Sat­urn. Back in the mid 80’s; or per­haps it was ear­li­er on my first vis­it to the 🎞 David Dun­lap obser­va­to­ry, my child­hood friend and I had tak­en the north­bound sub­way as far as it would go. From there we had to deposit addi­tion­al tokens to take a bus fur­ther north on Yonge street to the Obser­va­to­ry road in Rich­mond Hill. From there we walked in the dark till we arrived at

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Ancestral teachings and celebration

Ancestral Celebrations 

I was an ances­tral gift to my fam­i­ly on Jan­u­ary 28, 1953. First bor­rowed breath: 9:13 am. As of now, 67 years ago, I have been sup­port­ed by Spir­it’s bor­rowed breath for 82 min­utes. Now I’m lis­ten­ing to what I would call mind­ful music. I’m try­ing to touch some part of me that I could call epic. I’m still search­ing and now, I’m account­ing for the feel­ings today has unleashed. I came to my moth­ers womb fol­low­ing a well worn path into this world. I have led a charmed life. I have been loved by my fam­i­ly, friends and past lovers. I couldn’t claim the num­ber of teach­ers who

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Shared Grief and Love

Adoption’s Shared Grief and Love 

There was a time for many years when I ques­tioned if I would ever hear a child call me mom. I now won­der, how is it that some­how through all of life’s twists and turns for all involved, I became the moth­er of two beau­ti­ful human beings born to oth­er women? The priv­i­lege of being an adop­tive par­ent is immea­sur­able. The priv­i­lege of being the mom of my two now young adult chil­dren can’t be over­stat­ed. Rais­ing my chil­dren was like play­ing darts blind­fold­ed with the self-imposed expec­ta­tion of need­ing to hit the bulls eye with each and every throw. In adop­tion and fos­ter care,

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