Experience a powerful two day journey of grief healing

Embark on a Transformative Path of Healing through Grief with Our Expertly Guided Experiences.

two day workshop

Unattended grief may manifest in unexpected ways.

No matter where you find yourself along your healing path our workshops offer meaningful benefits to nurture your being.

Let us help you Start Your Soulful Journey of Healing

Embark on a soulful journey of healing as you take your first steps towards renewal and transformation through embracing the essential experiences of being human.

Our dynamic two-day workshop blends the power of shamanism and grieving, guiding you through a harmonious combination of witnessing, ritual, and celebration as you delve into the depths of your soul and explore your grief.

With ancient wisdom and innovative methods, find true healing and transformation as you connect with your true self, spirit helpers, and ancestral guides.

Build your resiliency and revive your life within a sacred circle, where you can hold and witness the collective sorrows of others, participate in healing rituals, and cultivate reverence for a brighter future.

This soulfully guided experience requires no prior meditation or journeying skills, so join us on this powerful path towards renewal.

During these two transformative days, you will embark on a journey of spiritual growth.

Cultivating Reverence

Embark on a journey of reverence, where you nurture your soul and guide it back to a state of joy and wonder, supporting your transformative path.

Shared Witnessing

We understand that the power of community can aid in the healing of grief. Join us as we guide you in creating a sacred space for shared understanding and healing amongst one another.

Grief Resilience

From seemingly endless grief, rediscover your natural ability to overcome, grow and transform into a new way of being.  

Shamanic Wisdom

Embark on a shamanic journey of wisdom and discover the power of rituals, connecting with your spirit guides for guidance and protection, and learning to receive nature’s gifts of divination.

What our participants say

“Loved the direct experience with guided support. I felt safe in our little community allowing me to be vulnerable to reach into my grief”


Dr. Amanda DeSio Whitehouse


“I found connecting with spirit and feeling others pain and loss was valuable to me. This workshop was well done with truth, experience and training.”


Peggy Swantz

Hamburg, NY

Each element had a unique benefit. I highly recommend this workshop for anyone dealing with grief on so many different levels. Eye opening, exciting and provides a new perspective on all living things.


Colleen Babcock

Alden, NY

Secure your place in the sacred journey

Embrace Compassion and Support During Your Grief Journey – Financial Assistance Available. Reach Out to Us to Begin a Heartfelt Conversation.  Lets Start Here.


wed31May9:00 AMwed5:00 PM9:00 AM - 5:00 PM A Soulful Workshop| Locations have yet to be confirmed. We're looking towards June 2023 for our first site. | The workshops take place over two full days.Location TBDFeatured


tue20Jun7:00 PMtue9:00 PM7:00 PM - 9:00 PM June's Grief CircleLocation TBDVirtual Event


tue18Jul7:00 PMtue9:00 PM7:00 PM - 9:00 PM July's Grief CircleVirtual Event

If you are unable to attend a workshop consider these alternatives

Grief Circle

Nurture Your Soul in a Sacred Circle of Grief: Monthly Online Community for Healing, Empowerment, and Tending to Your Unspoken Pain


Book your own private, one-on-one shamanic healing sessions to restore your personal power and more.

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